Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mirror of the soul

It arrests,
Dolorously wet sheath of sensitivity
piercing through the heart,
uncertain for its friend,
whether to hold it or let it go..
lost ultimately-
leaving a narrow trace of warmth,
the transparent pearls, stored hideously somewhere behind the lampion.
Its captivating presence makes the world seem lifeless.

Open the elastic shutter, 
with the plumes outspread.
A gelatinous spheroid, 
embedded anteriorly in a snowy globule, points you.
And you are victimized !!

Illuminating facets of varying moods--
Love and compassion, when words do not express,
it radiates.
Regret and remorse, when voice refuses coming out,
it renders.
Hurt and agony, invisible wounds imprinted,
it intuitionalize.
As they say: Eyes don't lie..

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