Thursday, April 21, 2011

Leave Request

God has given us very few options to live with. At times, there is no other way but to continue our lives with just whatever is already with us. Sometimes I wish we could be granted leaves in our lives the way we accrue them in our jobs. Since childhood, we humans are habitual of availing leaves as per our convinience just by applying and asking for permission. When we are in school, if because of certain reasons we don't wanna attend classes, all we have to do is send a leave application. In college, we don't even need to do that.. just bunk. When we are grown up enough to start working and are in a similar situation, we have to apply for leaves in advance, at times we don't get leaves as per our requirements but most of the times we do.

But none of these occurs in case of 'LiFe'. If ever in life we feel too tired to live anymore, we don't have an option of going back to heaven, take rest for a while, come back and resume our daily routine as usual. Neither can we bunk for 2-3 days and enter the race again. This certainly is a funny world. And God definitely is crazy enough to create us-Human Beings. And we humans being weird and strange at times, definitely do stranger things-committ suicide.

I just have a nano-request to God. Do create such a facility of availing leaves for us. Or at least for me. So that I can take a break for 5-10 years and join back again when I feel good enough.

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